Crescent recognizes the importance of promoting healthy communities in which to live and work.

FACES of Change®

The heart of Crescent’s commitment to the community is FACES of Change® a unique adopt-a-school program it founded in 1997. Through this program, properties are partnered with local elementary schools that serve at-risk students and families. FACES of Change partnerships bring the company’s employees, customers and business partners together to provide volunteer time, financial and in-kind gifts to partner schools. Since its inception, FACES of Change partnerships have generated more than $2.3 million in funding, services and supplies for 80 elementary schools partnered with Crescent properties nationwide.

“The workforce of tomorrow depends upon our ability to produce adults capable of making real contributions to our economy. FACES of Change is helping students become productive adults by providing assistance and support outside the realm of what the school district can provide. Helping children become more successful in school and in life – there is no greater reward.”

- John Goff, 2011