DALLAS, July 15, 2015 – Crescent Property Services LLC announced today the selection of Dallas’ John F. Kennedy Learning Center as a Crescent corporate school partner in the FACES of Change® program. Crescent employees and building customers at The Crescent® in Uptown Dallas will impact students and teachers at JFK Learning Center through donations of gifts, school supplies and time.

Crescent was attracted to JFK Learning Center by a number of innovative programs offered to students and parents, including the JFK Learning Center’s Learning Lab, a unique “before and after school program” targeting students in third through fifth grades. Nearly 85% of JFK Learning Center students in grades three-five participate in the Learning Lab program focused on improving students’ school performance. The students get before and after school lab learning and receive breakfast and dinner as part of the extended-day program. JFK’s teachers volunteer their time to work with students. Crescent’s FACES of Change® program will reward students and teachers who participate in this program.

The JFK Learning Center also hosts family nights when parents accompany their children for food, games and learning in the school setting.

Crescent most recently partnered with Martin Luther King, Jr. Learning Center in Dallas. That successful three-year FACES of Change® initiative ended last school year. Crescent selected JFK Learning Center as Crescent’s new partner in education. Located less than 10 miles from The Crescent®, an iconic Uptown Dallas commercial real estate property, JFK Learning Center enrolls 580 students and employs 38 teachers on staff.

“Our employees at The Crescent® are extremely excited to partner with John F. Kennedy Learning Center,” said Crescent General Manager, Shane Baggett. “Crescent’s commitment to the community and local schools through FACES of Change® is a truly rewarding experience for us. We are anxious to get started helping the teachers and students of JFK Learning Center.”

Founded in 1997 by Crescent Real Estate Equities, FACES of Change® helps Crescent employees at commercial real estate properties engage with local schools that have limited resources. Crescent’s participation helps improve quality of education and the educational experience in disadvantaged communities. Since its inception, Crescent’s FACES of Change® partnerships have generated more than $2.3 million in funding, services and supplies for 80 elementary schools and learning center partners nationwide.

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